staff spotlight: Kim Woodring


Job Title: Library Assistant III

Degrees & Institutions: MA in History (ETSU), BA in History (ETSU), Associates in Applied Science (ETSU)

Hometown: Elizabethton, Tennessee

What’s your favorite meme?

The Grumpy Cat.

There’s an electromagnetic pulse burst and our grid goes down. How do you provide old school library services during catastrophe?

Grab the old school cards, a stamp and start stamping! Plus write down the name and E # of every patron in case the grid comes back up.

If you could time-travel and save any person, place, or thing, what would it be (and why)?

My stepfather because my life and my mom’s would have been so much better.

How do you feel about free online sources such as Wikipedia and Google Scholar?

I love Google Scholar but Wikipedia is not reliable enough on its information to use it for anything academic.

Which Game of Thrones character are you (and why)?

I have no clue because I don’t watch Game of Thrones.

What is under-appreciated about Sherrod Library?

In general, the services it provides. Students do not realize what resources are housed in Sherrod Library.

Which game do you lose time playing?


Is there anything else about you we should know?

More than anyone cares to know.



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