librarian spotlight: Anne Reever Osborne


Job Title:  INtopFORM Librarian

Degrees & Institutions:  MA Library and Information Science University of IowaBachelor of Music-Voice Performance, Hastings College Hastings NE

Hometown: Casper, Wyoming

What aspect of your job surprises most people when you tell them what your day at work is really like?

That I don’t get to “read” great books all day. Also that I have to be on top of the trends in technology and how to use information resources in all formats as well as teach users at all levels of learning.  Another thing—I am not afraid of Google.

Why are you a librarian? 

First,  I believe it is in my genetic makeup.  I have 2 aunts who are/were librarians. Second, I love to learn new things and try to learn something new every day.  I have an insatiable curiosity about the world and enjoying the process of finding out the answer if there is one.  I also enjoy the one on one interaction with people from all different ages and backgrounds. I really enjoy connecting people with the information they need and providing help and guidance in accessing it.

What’s your favorite quote? 

One of my favorite is:  “Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Emerson

How do you think the general public’s perceptions of libraries and librarians have changed in the past 10 years?

10-15 years ago, I think people thought libraries and librarians were going to be extinct by the turn of the century.  Now I believe that there is a renewed appreciation for libraries as institutions
supporting the greater good and librarians as champions of lifelong learning and personal development for all.

If you were given a yacht, what would you name it?


What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

Wonder Woman.

Is there anything else about you we should know? 

I love to sing and love all things chocolate with the exception of chocolate pudding.


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